Our main goal with the AudioZone Amp-D2 series is to take full advantage of the current state of the art in audio power amplifier and regulated power supply design to deliver our clients a unique small form factor audiophile power amplifier with exceptional specification, sound quality, build quality, versatility and performance. The Amp-D2 products are the smallest physical size that we can reasonably produce without compromise. Four of our amplifiers take up the same amount of space as a large 3U rack mount amplifier but are able to provide 4 to 8 audio channels with up to 4,000 continuous watts output in the same physical space.

The highest quality of parts available are used in our designs with special consideration for the feel, look and functionality of each part. We have found that our finished amplifiers produce a compelling, effortless and neutral sound regardless of loudspeaker type, which seems a near perfect replica of the source. Our amplifiers are of the highest quality and built to satisfy the most demanding user regardless of cost or expectations.

We use only the high quality Elme 24 step switch in the PRE-T1.  No matter what, it is still a gem to be discovered if you have not ventured into TVC world. The sonic characteristics / benefits are not something other volume pots can reproduce easily.  We can state with absolute confidence, as well as much shared experience, that the Audio Zone PRE-T1 pre amplifiers offers at the very least, a level of performance comparable with the world’s best expensive pre amplifiers, but at a fraction of the cost.

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