Audio Zone fall promotion is now in full swing! PLEASE NOTE: We have a limited number of Audio Zone PRE-T1 Passive Transformer Volume Preamps available at a very SPECIAL Discount PRICE! A purist alternative to resistor-based attenuation is using a transformer to convert an incoming high-voltage low-current signal into a low-voltage high-current equivalent. Instead of discrete resistors to form the ladder, this uses discrete transformer secondary‚Äôs that are hard-wired to a stepped rotary switch very similar to the more common stepped attenuator. The PRE-T1 now using the Audio Zone proprietary transformer design with a 24 step high quality Elma switches unity gain but can be configured for 6dB of additional gain. The PRE-T1 comes in a one piece solid aluminum chassis for lasting quality, this timeless modern design will serve your needs for years to come. Transformer-based attenuation is not only dead quiet (passive) but an additionally minimize ground loop issues due to the decoupling action of the transformer’s air gap. Perhaps most attractive about the entire concept is the gain in dynamic resolution at low volumes.Regular retail price is at $2,395.00 but we have ( 5 UNITS ONLY AVAILABLE AT OUR FALL PROMOTIONAL PRICE OF JUST $1,195.00) Buyer pays shipping! ALL PRICING IS FIRM.